WC Johnson, LLC provides comprehensive investment, development, management, and brokerage services to a growing portfolio of commercial real estate assets. The suite of services and level of sophistication we offer are not commonly found in organizations of our size. Investments in people and technology allow us to scale while avoiding the bureaucratic obstacles typically found at larger firms.   

Many investors see real estate as an opportunity to buy passive income. We take a more active approach by focusing on properties with opportunity to create income. Creating income requires more intensive management and leasing, which generally reduces competition at acquisition. It also allows us to add significant value by repositioning a property to be attractive to more passive investors at disposition. 

Real Estate Services


 Making solid investment decisions requires expertise, diligence and patience. Our investment process starts with identifying properties that have the potential for long-term value creation. We dig deep in our underwriting and due diligence processes, which are cornerstones of our conservative investment approach. We maintain a small but effective network of debt and equity partners, which allows us to spend minimal time and expense raising capital. 


  Development projects require vision and organized expertise. At WC Johnson we only pursue projects that have significant pent up demand, scarcity, and high barriers to entry. Much focus is put into the underwriting process to determine the demand, cost, and value creation potential of each project. We then work diligently to navigate the entitlement process, design, contractor selection, construction oversight, and marketing.   


  WC Johnson is a full-service real estate brokerage company. Over the past several years we have focused exclusively on serving those projects in which its Principals have an equity stake. We have found that, so long as we are qualified, no 3rd party can give the level of service we provide to our own portfolio. Our services include acquisition/disposition, accounting/reporting, construction management, property management, marketing and leasing.